Work Breakdown!

What is it that I do? Have a look:

In a few words, I love creating things. If it has a screen, I’ll design for it. I’m not too picky.

Here's a quick visual breakdown of my work, sorted by a few relevant categories. At a glance, it gives you an idea of what I've occupied my time with. The more work I've done in that particular category, the bigger the bar. But don't let the bigger bars dominate your attention - I'm always trying to take on new endeavors and some of my personal favorites were projects I previously had no experience working with. Go ahead, toss a virtual dart at your screen and start browsing!

Recent Stuff!

What I've Been Up To

I have a habit of filling up my schedule pretty quickly with projects of various natures. I tend to take on a project when it's something I can learn a lot by doing, so if there's an element of eccentricity in my collection of work, well, it's because there's a lot I don't know. Here's are a few of the latest and greatest projects:

If you're interested in more info on any or all of my work, feel free to get in touch!

My Style!

The Stubbly Creed

No creative is worth their salt these days unless they have some sort of declaratory, self-affirming statement. These are mine:

  • Make the Journey Memorable

    When you’re fortunate enough to have someone’s eyeballs on your work, make it worth their while. Sure, there’s something to be said about getting your point made clearly and quickly, but that point is going to resonate much more if more is delivered than what was expected. I want to create things that aren't simply used, but make a connection with the user that is remembered beyond the experience.

  • Let the Details do the Talking

    I’m not sure there’s a better place to be a stickler for details than interactive design. Every seemingly miniscule transition and subtle rollover makes the experience easier and more fun for the user to get through, and that’s worth the extra time. The details are the subtle layer that speaks to the user without them noticing - they're what make Rule #1 happen.

  • Keep Things Fresh

    I take pride in knowing a little about a lot of things. I believe that the more you're exposed to, the more weapons you have at your disposal for solving creative problems. So while I'm always focused on mastering certain skills, I'm constantly looking to learn more to maintain a fresh and relevent perspective.

  • Practicality - It's Only A Guideline

    I like working along the edges of my imagination - when it dons on me that I don't know exactly how to do something, that's when I'm most eager to persue it. And more often than not, when I allow myself to dive down the rabbit hole I end up creating the things I'm most proud of. When you can afford an adventurous spirit, the results can be awesome.

  • There's a lot more proselytizing where that came from. Learn more about me

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