May 25, 2016

WGN Outsiders: Knives and Shine Game

“Knives and Shine” was an HTML5 game created for the WGN Network to help build excitement for their newest upcoming drama, “Outsiders”. The show follows the Farrell clan, a large family who’ve lived off the grid in the mountains of West Virginia for generations, and depicts what happens when modern society clashes with the old. Our team was tasked with creating a game that was both fun and captured the culture of the Farrells society. After seeing a competition in an early episode involving giant knife throwing and moonshine, we knew we had the basis for out game.

The experience was built with the Pixi.js rendering engine, and required close collaboration with the team’s designer to create enough targets and level variation so that the game remained fun while the challenge increased.

My high score was 31. See if you can beat it!

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