April 14, 2015

Netflix Content Marketing

At the end of 2014 I was part of a team that was challenged with creating a banner ad campaign that could promote any of the ever-expanding library of on-demand titles Netflix offers at any time, a task which, if you’ve ever found yourself surfing through the droves of titles “recommended for you” on the service, is no minor thing.

To do it, we created ads that dynamically switched out content depending on what titles Netflix wanted to promote at any given time, including an ability to showcase synopses and trailers for each title in the unit. On top of that, we targeted a number of different demographics to advertise titles more likely to be relevant to the user viewing the ad. In doing so we created a campaign that looked sharp, worked efficiently and maintained campaign-level flexibility.


Endframe of the 300×250


Showcasing the title’s trailer view


Showcasing the title’s synopsis view