June 1, 2013

Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen

Alyssa Gorelick, a chef located in Charlotte, NC, has her hands in as many kitchens as she can. She does cooking segments on news shows, holds private cooking events for businesses, and has won prestigious cooking competitions in the Queen City. It should come as no surprise, then, that she also has her hands in a kitchen of her own, appropriately named “Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen,” an endeavor that has her teaching cooking classes to aspiring chefs of all skill levels.

I was asked to design and build the website for Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen. The site had to allow the client to add classes as needed and a method for selling tickets to them online. I used the WordPress engine to handle the client’s content management system needs and integrated an event manager service into the site to handle the purchases.

Since the site had to suit a broad range of customers, all of varying age and skill levels with computers, my main priority was to make the site clean and accessible. To this day the client often tells me how they get many compliments on the site and it’s ease of use, and how it’s proved instrumental in their business’s success. Visit the Site