April 13, 2015

State Lines

It was Christmas of 2014, and I wanted to give something cool to my sisters. Something homemade and meaningful. We’re all scattered around the United States, each forging a different path in their respective state, so I wanted to create something to commemorate that. I ended up creating hangable wall pieces that depicted each state’s motto on a stained piece of wood with some art materials, photoshop work and transparent paper. DSC_0519

They came out better than I had envisioned, and were received so strongly that I started to consider turning the idea into a side-business. However, if I were to perfect the process, I’d need to learn the art of screen-printing for consistency and efficiency, a printing process down by hand. Four months and a lot of sore forearm muscles later, I am launching that side-business into the wild. Dubbed “State Lines Art,” the project stays true to its original purpose, to evoke the spirit and nature of different states with screen-printed images and quotations. The project launched with designs for the three states in which I have lived, but will soon expand to cover more ground. Hope you enjoy!

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