October 7, 2013

Little Knockers Poster Art

In Fall of 2013 two friends of mine created a Funny or Die miniseries that followed the antics of a pee-wee league football team and their coach (played by Parks and Rec’s Jim O’Heir) as they prepared for their upcoming season. A parody of HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” Little Knockers became a big hit on the comedy website, earning “immortal” status within the first week of its launch. I was asked to design the poster art for all three episodes of the series. I tried to make the posters as melodramatic as possible to mirror the show’s mockery, but it’s understood if you can’t help but be moved by the emotion displayed therein despite yourself. Nobody will judge.

littleknockers_epi_3_title_card Watch ‘Little Knockers’