January 3, 2013

LEGO Chima

Lego unleashed their biggest product launch to date in 2013 with their Chima franchise. Accompanied with a TV Show, a full product line, and a fully developed universe, the Chima franchise aimed to bring the LEGO brand to new heights without relying on previously realized brands or franchises like Star Wars or Harry Potter. LEGO Chima was completely new and completely original. As such, LEGO wanted to create an interactive ad campaign that gave children an opportunity to engage with the new product line and learn about its new heroes and villains. LEGO Chima was a great opportunity to delve into a new universe and create a campaign that felt as new and original as the Chima franchise.

Motion Graphics

Chima gave me an opportunity to create some fun title card sequences. I used the franchise’s “Chi Orb” element as a visual anchor for the title cards, letting the ad’s copy live within them. Take a look at the effect below: